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What is the adobotruth about this fight??

Everyone who thinks Manny should have won this fight

Reshare this right now!

What is the adobotruth about this fight??

Everyone who thinks Manny should have won this fight

Reshare this right now!

The world today.*#Racism #TreyvonMartin#TroyDavis#OscarGrant -__- #fuckgeraldorivera.

The World today… 


*January 1st 2009, New years day.*

Oscar Grant, young man from Hayward,California gets shot in a back, from a bart police officer Johannes Mehserle, the Bart police officer’s excuse he thought gripped his tazer but instead he reached for his gun  killing Grant in a split second on Fruitvale Bart station. Viral videos takened from passengers going outbound on bart rocked the social world sparking massive protests/Riots against Yohannes. 

+Johannes Mehserle did 2 years of time for Murder , was released last year 2011 and is now living well.+

*September 2011*

Troy Anothony davis is convicted of killing a police officer Mark Macphail back in 1989.

+Troy Anthony Davis gets the Death Penalty for killing a Police Officer+

*FEB 26 2012*

George Zimmerman,community watch Captin, shoots a unarmed 17 year old Treyvon Martin described wearing a “hoodie”.

#question!: is the Florida police (pigs) doing any effort in searching for this murderer?


Geraldo Rivera comes out from no where saying

that all parents should stop their children in wearing hoodies because you are just asking to be shot!.. you are portrayed as a menace of society.. you are portray as a wannabe gangsta..!




if you are mad as much as i am./ spam his twitter =)!/GeraldoRivera

let them know that racism is alive in america, we are not finish with it yet..

lets continue the fight till the day we all understand each other.




#Rest In Power

#Rest In Power



#Kony 2012 scam or not????

United States- Kony2012 is a 30min documentary viral video that can be seen on by the Invisible children. Inc campaigning against a man named Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is a leader of a Local Ugandan Guerrilla group that that been terrorizing the people of Uganda for years forcing young African girls to prostitution or are forced in to female circumcision, young boys being killed or recruited to his army.

With the power of the internet if you educate yourself further that  Africa has been facing situations like this for years.. since like the beginning of time.. so why did this video come out now instead of like years ago.. I see tweets on tweeter going like this "omg this is so horrible whats happening in Africa" oh my god kids are starving  in Africa there are mass killings in Africa” Yes people this has been happening for years and it is a damn shame if you are part of the 65 million that just found out while they watched the video on =(

Not alot of people know that this man and his group are making MILLIONS off this.. and i heard that not all the money is gonna get funded for the cause but they’re video production for other projects will be =) lol. There is word as well that the man Joseph Kony Died 5 years ago and this shit is not a big deal anymore..?? it dont matter if he is dead or not his followers will still continue his work.. Some people say this is just a secret operation funded by the government for a push on U.S to go in to Africa and “Liberate" the People from these horrible, horrible people…????? or to control the rich fields of natural resources of Africa and Destabilize Africa like they did to the middle east???..



Responsible for the death of the Constitution

Responsible for the death of the Constitution

God bless the United States.

There was a belief once that we lived in a nation that based its principles on Justice and freedom that every man was born with certain unalienable rights which can not be taken away. Today we live in a world where the evils of money has influenced, poison and corrupt these politicians that took and oath to serve and protect the constitution.. as we can all see everyone of these people make promises in the beginning just to get elected and to get that salary that they want so they can make stupid decisions in running this government. Senator John McCain was famous back in the war in Vietnam where he was caught and beatened for several months before he was released. and running for president and losing to the first African American president Barck Obama… co-wrote the famous NDAA.. wants to leak or spy on people on the internet to search for “terrorist” and now wants the U.S to lead air strike in syria????? COME ON NOW JOHN! WE ARE BROKE AND YOU WANT TO SPEND MORE OF OUR TAXPAYER MONEY TO BOMB A COUNTRY THAT CANT GOVERN THEMSELVES. sir you need to retire all of your decisions are all dumb… in california governor jerry brown people want to cut down education to cause Anarchy accross the state we are so broke we have to turn green lol you know damn right there is someone making money off of that recology bullshit.. The United States of America is on the verge of hitting rock bottom now we have lost our rights as citizens to fight back against the problem remember this line from our beloved Declaration of Independence. - “But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security” Believe, and fight back and take back the nation and bring the power back to the people -Adobotruth

"I Thank the lord for everyday that Im living"
-Mike Dash E
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